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"I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes"

It comes from a lifetime of throwing random references to movies, television and comics into conversations just hoping someone would get it.

The the idea of Kulture Popped came to mind in the Spring of 2018, it was nothing more than novice graphic design placed on pieces of clothing and accessories, then they were put up on an Etsy Shop for people to buy and feel more connected because they just got that reference.

In late 2019 it was decided to start building a larger entity around the Kulture Popped name; something that would give a new home for lovers of pop culture. A place to read, watch, and discuss what they love and geek out about. Sure, there are plenty of websites like a way.

But none of them will have the passion and heart.

Image by Francisco Delgado

Meet The Team


Paul Brown

Founder of Kulture Popped, obsessed collector, web designer and movie quote encyclopedia.


Amy Awes0me

Editor-In-Chief, lover of all things pop culture, marketing/copywriting superstar.


Matt Bishop

Press & Photography guru, part time stuntman, and rock and roll aficionado.

ChyAnn Squicciarini aka Chy-Fi_ Sci-Fi B


Books. Science Fiction. Vegan Food.
ChyAnn is a badass with conviction.

MW Rick FCBD.png

Mikey Wynne

He's the best kind of manchild you could ask for. Father, gamer, Anime freak. He's one in a million.


Kevin Thomas

He's met almost every horror celebrity you've ever met and fights fires in his spare time. 

IMG_2433 (1).jpg

Stevie Robinson

Our international correspondent from Ireland who is possibly an outlaw from another galaxy

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