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Amy Awes0me

A feisty redheaded entertainment journalist with a strong female voice striving to push diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.

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I’ve been writing in one form or another for over 17 years and I am thankful for every second of it. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Kulture Popped Team. I have been a lover of film, TV, comics, and gaming since the womb.


At 5 years old I decided why I prefer bad boy Batman over goody two-shoes Superman.

When I watch or read something, I become so emotionally involved that I feel as if I am one of the characters. That is the beauty and magic of art. It forces us to feel while at the same time taking our minds on wonderful journeys. We no longer watch TV, movies or read comics for entertainment only,
we indulge for meaning and escape as well.

I always enjoy films and television for what they are whether it’s a "popcorn flick" or a "deep visceral dive into the meaning of humanity." This doesn't mean I don't have opinions, because I do – BIG LOUD ONES. But I try to find the best in anything and everything pop culture - including a ridiculous new Baby Yoda Collection. Please indulge yourself in whatever movies, TV shows, comics, and fandoms you enjoy. We’re all allowed to like what we like, even if it’s Michael Bay’s Transformers Franchise. In other words, FLY YOUR FLAG!

Origin Story:
Before my pop culture writing career I was a super-boring marketing VP and decided I needed more joy
in my life. So, here I am, geeking out, and doing what I love most. If I can make one reader excited or
laugh, then I’ve done my job.

I currently reside in Pennsylvania, close to both NYC and Philadelphia. I’m a proud member of Legion Of
Women Writers. I’m also a host on the DCTV Podcasts Network and love to guest on other pods! I’ve
held both full-time and freelance positions at various pop culture and entertainment outlets including
Slash Film, Birth. Movies. Death,, Comic Book Resources, Screen Rant, Screen Junkies
and now Kulture Popped.

 Amy's Articles 

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