Attack of the B-Horror Movies: Scary Low-Budget Cinema That Slays

This definitive list will expand your horror palette.

Big budget horror has made a major comeback within the past few years and the genre has been reVAMPED. Thanks to films like Get Out, Hereditary, and IT the horror business found its way to the top of the box office. Even with theaters closed across the world and most production studios shut down in 2020, streaming giants keep giving us the good stuff with recent films like The Invisible Man, Shudder's La Llorona, Netflix's The Babysitter: Killer Queen and HBO Max's series Lovecraft Country.

This is a huge win for all spooky movie lovers, but let’s not forget the little guys back in B-Town!

When thinking of B-horror movies, my brain goes straight to overly campy, goretastic flicks like Street Trash, Thankskilling, Chopping Mall, Diagrams, Dead see where I’m going with this. Technically a B-rated movie is low-budget with poor production quality that is desperately trying to claw its way onto a screen.

Of course, these cult movies are entertaining and disgustingly fun, but through the eyes of traditional film criticism they aren’t exactly cinematic masterpieces. This clearly doesn’t mean that good (depending on your taste) b-rated movies don’t exist, because…they do!

So, if you’re on the prowl for something a little different than Tromaville or Troll 2, then you’ve come to the right haunted house. We’ve curated a list of some (because there are too many) highly-acclaimed spooky B-movies for you to watch this spooky season.

Cat People (1942)

You’d think that turning into a lazy housecat would be the best thing ever, but Cat People shows us that it can be very dangerous, especially if you’re a blood-thirsty female feline in heat. From noir director Jacques Tourneur, Cat People was originally released in 1942 with a relatively small budget. It’s easily the best “cat movie” out there and earns its place in the coveted Criterion Collection.

Fashion designer Irena Dubrovna (Simone Simon) falls madly in love with Oliver Reed (Kent Smith) and marries him. Little does Oliver know that Irena is living with evil inside of her. An ancient Serbian curse may turn Irena into a predatory black panther if she is intimate with a man. When another woman gets too close to her husband, Irena goes on the prowl with a disastrous outcome.