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ChyAnn Squicciarini aka Chy-Fi: Sci-Fi B

Sci-Fi & Kaiju Correspondent

Chyann Squicciarini

I am a 37 year old married mother of 2 boys, Born and raised in New York City. I enjoyanything and everything Sci-fi.

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Growing up with a father who was obsessed with Godzilla and
collected all the memorabilia I eventually started a collection of my own that grew into a full
fledged obsession. Everything from Godzilla to predator and horror figures as well I love
anything and everything dark and spooky. I enjoy reading the most and have amassed a huge
collection of books and trade back graphic novels ranging from campy girl power comics like
Lumberjanes to 30 Days of Night.

A little more about Chy:
Favorite movies: Dog soldiers, Godzilla 1998 (dont judge me!) Pandorem, Aliens, AvP, Ginger
Snaps, Nightmare on elm street, Super 8

Favorite tv shows: Stranger things, Wayward Pines, Hemlock Grove, Euphoria, Handmaids Tale, The Following
Favorite books: Youth in Revolt series by Cd Payne, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Whip it, Shauna Cross, Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher, Harry potter series by Jk Rowling, Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer (again dont judge me)
More Favorites: Outdoor adventures, Comic and horror conventions, vegan food, going to the
movies and eating massive amounts of popcorn, museums, bookstores and nerd rap

Dislikes: Rude people, my social anxiety

Chy-Fi's Articles

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