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Set To Earn $50M+ on MDW Opening, A Quiet Place 2: The Haunting Roller-Coaster We Deserved In 2021.


Going back to the movies after a lengthy time off due to a pandemic was amazing, and having this movie be the jumping point back into movie date nights(day time for us) was a GREAT start. I miss the days of genuinely suspenseful, terrifying films. A Quiet Place was that for me in 2018, and I'm elated we get a part II without seeming to be just a shoehorned cash-grab.

Before getting into it I want to give an enthusiastic round of applause to all the actors in this movie especially Millicent Simmonds who plays Regan Abbott for her outstanding performance. The way Simmonds is able to bring you so much emotion with very little words is very reminiscent of Millie Bobbie brown in Stranger things or Ariana Richards as Lex in the original Jurassic Park(shaky Jell-O, anyone?). This is dynamite.

The Start-SPOILERS!!!!

The movie starts off the same day things went south for the Abbott family when these creatures came to ultimately destroy the life they once knew. After the start, the movie quickly pushes you into "current time", where things are not the same and nobody can make a sound. This leaves Evelyn (Emily Blunt) alone with 3 children that she will do ANYTHING to keep alive. After Lee (John Krasinski) dies, and the place they once called home and safe heaven is destroyed. Evelyn must take her children to search for a new place to live, when they run into there once friend Emmett(Cillian Murphy) and must rely on him to help keep them safe and find a way to beat the creatures and find other survivors.

Yes, that's actually Cillian Murphy.


I'm not going to give away the whole story, because what fun would that be? I am going to tell you however, that about 20 minutes into the movie I was crying uncontrollably. It had came on like a wave out of nowhere and the ability Blunt has to immerse you into her performance is incredible. For a minute, I'm sitting there thinking about my kids, and how destroyed I would feel in this situation without my husband and father of my kids. Would I be able to handle it? Would I be able to keep them alive? The conclusion i came to was "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I WOULD",(woman hear me roar, right?) but that didn't soften the emotional gut- punch you experience. This movie shows the will of a mother having to protect her kids and the lengths she would go to keep them safe. I was overwhelmed with all the feelings attached to that. We get one hell of a movie front to back, with the suspense, jump-scares and heart-wrenching scenes much like the first installment, but kicked-up for the sequel. We get lots of monsters in a sequel that really gave the original a run for its money. I loved this.

Krasinski really outdid himself with this one. Everyone who knows me knows that Im a sci-fi/horror buff and we have been in great need of some monster movies. We were given not 1 but 2 from Krasinski himself, and that leaves me hoping that he might become a rising sci-fi director. Becoming friendly with The one and only Stephen King himself and getting that kind of praise as got to mean something, right? Lets all go see this in theaters and insure that we keep getting amazing movies like this.

We need it ok? Sci-Fi nerds everywhere need it after the last year we've had!

A Quiet Place 2 is set to launch on streaming service Paramount+ in about 45 days if you're not really about the theater life just yet. I totally get it, we were fortunate that we were the only ones in the theater during the early afternoon for our showing.

Check out the trailer here and get your ass to the theater!

Chyann Squicciarini is a lifelong Sci-Fi fanatic and music-lover who collects soundtracks and special releases of all-kinds.

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