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Paul Brown

Paul is a native of Atlantic City, New Jersey and founded Kulture Popped in 2018 when it began as a merchandise store on Etsy, where it still sells merch today. Paul has been a collector of pop culture memorabilia since the age of 6. That passion, combined with an extensive background in media, marketing, and web design, Paul used that as co-founder of the successful YouTube Channel Comic Trips where he designed and edited all content from it's inception in 2015 until the channel was retired in 2018.

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Founder of Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC- a New Jersey - based web design and marketing agency

specializing in Small & Medium Business concepts & promotion.

Favorite Toy Line: 1990-1994 WWF Hasbros

Favorite Comic: Giant-Size X-Men #1

Holy Grail: Hulk Hogan Mailaway & Ghostbusters Fire House


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