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From Burning Darth Vader to Doc Brown's Mansion, Here Are The Best Pop Culture Yule Log Videos

It's the holiday season and while many homes don't have fireplaces these days, a popular 21st century alternative has become lengthy "yule log substitute" YouTube videos that run for an hour, five hours, or in Nick Offerman's case, 10HOURS. We've compiled a list of our favorites for you below, and put them in a YouTube Playlist for you at the end of this article. Enjoy, you scruffy-looking Nerf Herders! Burning Darth Vader: Cozy up by the warm glow of your immolated dead father for a nice five hour trip down memory lane. This one smells like burnt plastic.


Doc Brown's Mansion: I first discovered this one in the Back To The Future Collectors group on Facebook and it's possibly my favorite of them all. The original didn't have Christmas music or decorations, but the uploader Eugene Shin made this version shortly after the original. This one is pure joy for any Back To The Future fan!


Disney's D23 Days Of Christmas: This one is for the kids! In 2017, The D23 YouTube Channel uploaded this adorable video that features cameos from various Disney/Pixar characters at random. Perfect for distracting the kids while scrambling to wrap those last-minute presents. "Every character you spot, you can have another candy cane!"...You're welcome.


Captain America's Brooklyn Apartment: I have confirmed there are no cameos, after-credit scenes or easter eggs in this video so don't watch too closely and enjoy Steve Rodgers modest lil NYC apartment for an hour.


Harry From Home Alone Getting Blown: Ok, that was probably super-inappropriate to say, but hopefully your kids aren't reading this. Sorry. Anywho, some absolute genius took Joe Pesci's head getting hit with a blowtorch and made it into a sadistically-relaxing one-hour loop with piano Christmas music.


Nick Offerman drinking whiskey...for 10 hours: Feel like being judged for half a day on Christmas by someone other than your mother in-law? In comes Nick Offerman! This video is actually five years old and features the legend himself dressed up all business lumberjack-y and staring at you while sipping whiskey and probably thinking about all of the ways he could best you in ritual combat.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Spaceship Fireside Living Room: Why do I feel like this is incredibly dangerous to do in the giant void of space? Either way, this one works perfectly for space fans and has a smattering of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" peppered in amongst the oddly therapeutic humming of what looks like a molten core. We asked Groot who's idea it was and his answer was "I Am Groot", which is exactly how we thought this came to be. So unique!


Nakatomi Plaza on fire: Ok, listen. I need to put this out there. I absolutely hate it when people have to be the edgy friend and tell others that Die Hard is their favorite Christmas Movie. Bruce Willis even said it wasn't and I think it's a ridiculous conversation topic, BUT...this video is great, complete with police sirens and helicopters. Its very clever. I'm literally only putting it in this article for my friend Will McCormick who I argue with regularly about it. I'm giving you this one, Will. Just this once.


I feel really dirty putting that last one up so I'm going to end it here and go take a bath. That being said, you can check out our full playlist of nerdy yule logs with more than I listed in this article on our YouTube Channel right here.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped and has no formal writing experience so let him slide for grammatical errors, he has literally no idea how to use semi colons. Relax.

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