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Endless Mike

In West Philadelphia suburbs, born and raised. In comic and game shops is where he spent most of his days.. Until around 12, when he moved to OC NJ. It was there his passion for anime, video games and music was able to thrive as he lived only a few blocks from the boardwalk and arcades. With these powers combined they formed a giant kid that eventually started a band called Nerd Surge which played anime, video game and pop culture theme medleys at nerd cons and shows all over the Tri state area from 2014 - 2019. As a father of a few nerdings he shares his passions with them on their YT channel ConfectioNerds. 

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Lead guitarist and co-singer/songwriter for I Can’t Even - A pop punk, alt rock band writing catchy jams to get stuck in your head. 

Favorite Anime: Your Name, One Piece, MHA, OPM, Deathnote
Favorite Comics: Infinity Gauntlet, Annihilation graphic novels, The Walking Dead
Be-all End-all: Travel to Japan for a month or dare I say, move there for good.

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 Mike's Articles 

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