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XBOX Game Pass Is The Future of Gaming!

Image Courtesy of Microsoft

Eddie Makuch over at Gamespot released an article the other day providing some information on Microsoft's subscription service Game Pass. I embedded his video below which has some great insight on the idea's behind the initial launch of the service and the future that Microsoft is banking on.

As a recent subscriber myself I can say that yes, this is the absolute future I want for games. I have currently installed on my Xbox One close to 40 games and it's easy for my children and I to jump in and out of new games every month or sometimes every couple of weeks. And for publishers and developers who worry about Game Pass devaluing their product I believe this service gives a larger amount of people access to their game who may never have tried it before. The fact that this gives them full access to the game without paying that full price entry fee creates an easier experience for the consumer which can easily generate more word of mouth advertising. Game Pass is great for Microsoft because of the ease of use and great experience it gives users, great for end users because of the amount of content for the low price and great for developers because it can easily lead to more purchases of a title when it leaves Game Pass similar to how Netflix cycles out it's content but in this case the users have the ability to purchase the games for good.

The best thing that Game Pass does, is that it gives users a worry free experience. In the past decade I was getting really angry at the industry and what amounted to a build up of garbage. I even claimed that I felt we needed another video game crash like the early 80's to improve the quality. I believe Game Pass in a way, sort of forces game developers to do a better job of making sure their work is noticed and talked about. They can't get away with a flashy trailer and in game cinematic hoping people will buy it at launch just to make their quick buck. This I believe will weed out the do nothings who coast by on cheap thrills and poor design. It's exciting and I am hopeful for the next gen systems and gaming experiences. Maybe Sony will follow suit and beef up it's PS Plus experience and maybe Nintendo will do more than push out a 30 year old game every couple of months.. Do you have Game Pass, PS Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online? How do are you enjoying it so far and if you have multiple which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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