5cm Per Second, The Magic Number?

No the magic number is still 3, just like the number of stories in this film, Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru (秒速5センチメートル ) 5 cm per second. Makoto Shinkai is a master in animation and storytelling. Recently I wrote about his film Kimi No na wa (君の名は) Your Name. In that article I also mentioned some of his more notable films, including 5cm... which I must admit I had not seen at the time. And so I rectified that right away, and well, it was great but it was short, sitting at just around one hour. It left me wanting more from the story and more for each character. I want them to succeed and have a happy ending. But as you will see, this isn’t an Atlantic City massage parlor.

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I will be sharing SPOILERS from this point forward so this is your warning even though the film is 13 years old at this point.

The movie takes place through 3 short stories even though in our opinion there really was no reason to include the hard visual breaks in each story’s ending and beginning. It's not like we're seeing a great difference in perspectives from different characters. There’s really nothing more than time passing between them. Each segment did hold its own sort of chapter in the main character's life but not more so than any other film without the story breaks. The first story is called: Cherry Blossom, and follows the main character Takaki Tõno. Takaki is a young boy living in Tokyo who meets Akari Shinohara, a girl in the same grade.

The root of this story is Takaki's love for Akari and their eventual drifting apart due to their families moving further and further away over time. Although this happens, we do see them share a night together after a grueling train ride through some treacherous snowfall as well as lots of letters back and forth. This takes place early on in the film while they're young teens. They share a kiss in the snow at night by a sakura tree and it's really heartwarming. These kids are making a long distance relationship work…

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In the second story, Cosmonaut, we’re introduced to another girl named Kanae Sumida. We spend a good portion of this story with Kanae as she tries to figure out ways to spend time