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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Trailer

Coming down the pipe straight from is the latest info on at least some peoples favorite mutant Australian rat, Crash Bandicoot! I know what you’re thinking holy crap I loved Crash as a kid. I played that game for hours on my PS1. That’s understandable since the original game came out 25 years ago at the height of the Playstation takeover. Back then Crash was the mascot for Playstation and the ads of him trashing the competitors were great.

Back in 2013, Andy Gavin said to the Official Playstation MagazineGiven the current Crash games, people forget that he was once cool. Our Crash had a certain whimsical edge to him. Sure, it was goofy – but it wasn't dumb." Back then it was a lot closer to the last main series game, Mind Over Mutant, which came out in 2008, but now it’s 2020. This rail type of running game is more reminiscent of mobile apps like Sonic Dash, Temple Run, and Minions Rush. There even is a mobile endless runner called Crash Bandicoot Mobile that released in April 2020 but isn’t available in the US yet.

Of course a full console release will be way more in depth and have a lot more features plus this time around “It’s About Time” is the subtitle and as expected time travel will be involved, which most likely means a chance to run Crash through original levels from previous games with updated graphics, items, and mechanics.

As an honest opinion though, I’ve never been into the Crash series but I do understand the appeal. And my kids love those endless runners, so maybe if we eventually get this, their enthusiasm for it might draw me in. Only TIME, will tell… I’ll show myself out.

If there’s any Crash titles you think I need to play, argue those points with me in the comments. See if you’ve got what it takes to change my mind.

Mike Wynne Father of the ConfectioNerds, who make all kinds of family friendly gaming and nerdy videos.

Co-singer/songwriter for I Can’t Even.

Lover of all things Japan and gaming. IG:


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