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One Piece Returns to TV June 28th!

One PIece has been on hiatus since April due to Covid-19 forcing so many to quarantine and work from home. But Fandom is reporting that our nakama are coming back. Our favorite pirate crew, the Straw Hats, will be returning on June 28th, 2020 to premiere episode 930! And you can watch it right over at Crunchyroll. Check out this tweet from the official account of Toei animation regarding the return of OP as well as ... Digimon.

This is one of the longest breaks the show has taken since it started. And One Piece fans know that this series has serious staying power. The creator Eiichiro Oda hasn’t really taken much of a break in the almost 23 years since the manga was released. Just check out the air dates of the seasons over at their episode list wiki page. The Anime will officially be old enough to drink (in america) as it reaches the age of 21 this October 20th. In case you forgot where we left off, we’re still following luffy through the Wano arc, and here’s the trailer from the end of episode 929.

Mike Wynne

Father of the ConfectioNerds, Co-singer/songwriter for I Can’t Even, and all around lover of all things Japan and gaming.

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