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Disney's 'Investor Day' Webcast Today Will Tell The Future of Marvel/Lucasfilm Amidst The Pandemic

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Will Marvel answer WB's landmark decision to put all content on streaming the same day as in the theater? Will The Mandalorian be renewed for 62 seasons, with a trilogy of movies helmed by Filoni and Favreau?!

Well, thanks to technology, everyone can be in on the news in the comfort of their jammies with a nice hot toddy when Disney goes full webcast today, December 10th at 4:30pm via their website.

Would-be viewers are encouraged to get to the page early and assess their connection to ensure a quality cast. One thing to remember, this is an "investors presentation" which means it won't be like Comic Con where it's bang-bang-bang one announcement after another. There might be some super-boring financial stuff in there.

Our Twitter account @KulturePopped will be live-tweeting the event to keep you up-to-date and have a full round-up tomorrow once the dust settles, so keep your eyes on our site!

Here's our guesses for what will be happening based on rumors we've filtered out for different reliable and unreliable sources on the Internet.

  • With the Fox "merger" being finalized, we think there will be some announcement as to the X-Men or Fantastic Four's injection into future projects of the MCU. Specifically we'd love to see an X-Men Disney+ show and a full re-boot to Fantastic Four, minus the Galactus Cloud *eye roll*.

  • A full Marvel Phase IV release timeline updated for the pandemic to re-align the release of streaming movies and Disney+ shows including FINALLY telling us what the FRACK is happening with Black Widow.

  • A dedicated chat about Deadpool 3 and its cast, release date and place in the MCU.

  • A rebuttal to WB's game-changing streaming-same-day-as-theater release strategy that will include ALL Disney-owned content for the forseeable future including MCU, Star Wars and Pixar Films.

  • Official announcement of the Rogue One prequel and Obi-Wan Disney+ Series

For accountability's sake, we will not change or edit these predictions in ANY way whatsoever once this article is published. Lets see how good(or bad) we are at sleuthing and have some fun.

Remember, we'll be live-tweeting at @KulturePopped during the entire event so follow us, tune in and get excited that some level of normal and familiar will be coming back in 2021.

- Paul Brown is t-he founder of Kulture Popped and was once kicked out of Universal Studios for trying to steal a cast member's Harry Potter wand.

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