Agent James Woo's Story Would Make A Perfect MCU Phase IV Spinoff Show

If you search "Jimmy Woo" on Twitter, you'll see that there's quite a fervor over the awkward, endearing former S.H.I.E.L.D., now F.B.I. agent and how his peppered-in appearances around the MCU in Ant-Man & The Wasp, and WandaVision have captured the hearts of MCU fans with his charm and innocence.

We need to talk about how perfect this character is for his own show, and how we're guilty of not realizing it until recently.

BUT FIRST, a little backstory.(sorry, but this will help)

James Woo(Woo Yen Jet) first appeared in Atlas Comics'(predecessor to Marvel Comics) "Yellow Claw #1" from October of 1956. The series only ran four issues with art by the one & only Jack Kirby and John Severin. Woo's character since then has been sprinkled throughout the Earth-616 timeline- he's been hired to stop Godzilla, went BACK to S.H.I.E.L.D. and then forming the Agents Of Atlas after going rogue. In addition, he's appeared in the The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series voiced by Nolan North and has also had cameos in multiple Marvel video games.

After WandaVision Ep. 4 was released, Woo was front-and-center with just a scoche more confidence than when we was him checking in on Scott Lang's house arrest. Did you happen to notice the best character arc in MCU history when Woo introduced himself at the Westview city limit?

That was a direct nod to this from Ant-Man & The Wasp:


Last week, Stephen Ford who played the titular character in The CW's Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, and who is also a titan of internet content production(Machinima, made a tweet that called out the majesty of Woo's role and how it deserved it's own show:

The tweet has tens of thousands of RTs and over 180k l