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Oscar Isaac Confirmed As Moon Knight By Series' Cinematographer

Gregory Middleton, a Canadian cinematographer posted on Instagram today expressing his joy and excitement that he is working on Marvel Studios' upcoming Moon Knight series for Disney+. The post, shown below show a geotag of Budapest, Hungary which was previously reported to be the location of the series' filming. "Well the secret is out, It’s an honor to be a part of introducing a new character to the MCU #MoonKnight. Who says cinematographers worry about white costumes! ... not if they are complex characters played by an amazing performer like @officialoscarrisaac. Thank you director Mohamed Diab and the #mcu for inviting me aboard."

The official description of the series from Kevin Feige as an "Indiana Jones"-esque adventure show, it will follow the character of Mark Spector, a vigilante with a dissociative identity disorder with the nods to Egyptian iconography abound. This character has always been referred to as "Marvel's darker version of Bruce Wayne with supernatural tendencies"....ok then. Regardless, this character has never had major exposure outside of comic books, despite his first appearance in Werewolf By Night #32 being one of the consistently most sought-after books of the Bronze Era. I still can't get my hands on one for a decent deal.

So. Like that's it right? We can put this puppy to bed?

Looks like Oscar Isaac is going for all of the Pop Culture franchise Infinity Stones with his recent castings. Paul Brown is the founder of KulturePopped Follow him on Instagram: @Pb609

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