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Bill Burr Fires Back At Critics About His "Space Boston" Accent From Mandalorian On The Tonight Show

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The outspoken Comedian seems to think there's hypocrisy amongst Star Wars fandom considering apparently aliens in a galaxy far, far away speak English but that a Boston accent is weird.

He kinda has a point.

"'I've never heard a Boston accent in space' is what they always say," Burr chuckled during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. "Oh yeah? What about English? Isn't that a little weird if you went to a galaxy far, far away and you get off and somebody's like 'Hey! How's it going?'" and you totally understand them?" OK. Yeah, you got us there too.

Burr then goes on to talk about how Han Solo speaks perfectly to Chewie in their native languages and how ridiculous that is. He goes off a bit in a hilarious rant and calls us all 'nitpickin' nerds'...

Again, fair point.

Star Wars fandom has had a reputation for being a little "protective"(whiny) about things they don't like in the entirely made-up fantasy universe that took space. That being said, we(Star Wars fandom) have had a solid run since Favreau and Filoni took over with The Mandalorian, and with a ton of new shows & movies slated for the future, it looks like a new era of our favorite space opera franchise.

A lot of people are critical of Burr on how much he poked fun at Star Wars, as seen in the clip here from Conan O'Brien back in 2015. "This is like a cheesy self-help book in space with muppets, I had perspective I saw it when I was like was alright."


Apparently he also saw Scarface at age 13, which explains a lot, to be honest.

I'm unequivocal in my love for The Mandalorian. In my humble opinion it's the best Star Wars material since the original trilogy, and I was a TFA nut when it came out. Its reported that The Mandalorian will continue on through 2027 so here's to hoping that Migs Mayfeld keeps giving sass to alien races across the galaxy.

Oh and totally unrelated, we were definitely the first outlet to make "Space Boston" merch a couple weeks back, so head to our Etsy Shop and check those out.

Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped and just happens to be the same height as Adam Driver.

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