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First Trailer for Sopranos Prequel "The Many Saints Of Newark" Debuts, Shows Young Tony's Beginnings

If you're around my age(just turned 38...*shudder*), you probably sat in stunned silence on June 10, 2007 when Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" cut out and the screen went blank at the final episode of The Sopranos. We didn't have HBO this was still back when you could get those illegal black cable boxes. Wait. Forget I said that. ANYWHO....

10 seconds later the entire room erupts in a storm of expletives, some new, some old, some were words made up on the spot...but you were all traumatized nonetheless. So much screaming. I thought my friends and I were going to end up demolishing our whole condo building.


Here we are, 14yrs after the end of the show and eight years after the death of James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano...and the music hits again. Here come the chills! 'The Many Saints Of Newark' is an HBO production that will showcase the early years of mob boss Tony Soprano and how he came up in the Italian-run streets of Newark, New Jersey in the 1970s. In this show, he is under the tutelage of Dickie Moltisanti...aka Christopher's father. Here's the kicker- young Tony Soprano is being played by Michael Gandolfini, James' son.

The movie is directed by David Chase, the actual creator of The, that feels really good to see that it's not just some rando picking up a dead franchise(it was never dead, I was just saying that for effect) and from the looks of this trailer, we're getting a doozie.

The trailer was initially released on Twitter by the official HBO Mac account and stars the likes of Jon Bernthal(The Punisher), Vera Varmiga(The Conjuring), Ray Liotta(do we gotta do an intro?), Joey Coco Diaz, and Corey Stoll(Ant-Man & The Wasp) among literally a bajillion others.

Official release date in theaters and streaming: October 1.

Honestly...bring it the f*ck on. I need this. I. NEED. THIS.


^This is me walking around for the next few days.

-Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped and once made a Sopranos parody shirt that said Sopressata(with the gun for the R and everything).

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