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Update: Beyonce' Black Panther Rumor Debunked

Sometimes good things come to an end exactly one day later.

Image Source: Marvel

Just yesterday, we reported and sourced a rumor from Elle Magazine that QUEEN Beyonce' is reportedly in talks with Disney to be involved with Black Panther 2 and two other Disney projects.

Rumors sometimes turn out to be correct and sometimes turn out to be NOT correct at all, not even by a longshot. Although Beyhive fans probably dreamed all night of this one being true, the rumor is officially debunked as of today.

There is no $100 million dollar deal, she will not be featured in the film or on the Black Panther 2 soundtrack.

Thanks to Matt Donnelly, a senior film reporter at Variety the rumor was found to be false as he stated on Twitter:

However, we are left with a little bit of hope that Beyonce' with probably work with Disney again!

Black Panther 2 is expected to release sometime in 2022.

Source: Twitter

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