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BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III by Drew Struzan Screenprint - On Sale TODAY!

Where we’re going, they don’t even have roads...


The amazing Bottleneck Gallery has teamed up with Vice Press and the legendary poster artist himself Drew Struzan to release a VERY limited screen-print of his classic work from Back to the Future Part III.

Release from Bottleneck Gallery:

"Our latest release with the legendary movie poster painter is an officially licensed print for Robert Zemeckis’ third movie in the Back to the Future trilogy, where Doc and Marty go back to the Old West. We worked closely with Drew, Vice Press, and our printers to recreate Drew’s original painting as a meticulously assembled screen print. We’ve taken every measure to ensure that Drew’s work gets the care it deserves when transferring between art mediums.

As a special surprise, we’re also releasing a print featuring Drew’s alternative concept for the Back to the Future Part III movie poster. This rare gem of an image wasn’t chosen by the studio during the movie’s original release, but it’s a piece of Back to the Future history that we’re glad to bring to the present!"

Drew Struzan's Back to the Future Part III will be available TODAY @ 12PM ET on their homepage!



Kevin Thomas is an illustrator & graphic artist who uses the pseudonym Death Kat Design. He founded Studiohouse Designs & has worked with Fangoria Magazine, AMC Telivision, the Halloween franchise, Vinegar Syndrome & more!

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