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Bethesda Announces New Indiana Jones Game, Coinciding With The Return of Lucasfilm Games

To start, there's no word on whether this release will be Microsoft chasing an "X-Box Exclusive" or even and "X-Box First" release, but the news is exciting nonetheless and packed with history. In a statement from,

"Lucasfilm Games is returning is now the official identity for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm, a name that encompasses the company’s rich catalog of video games and its eye toward the future."

Literally posting this Lucasfilm Games logo from back in the day because I want to and I can.

Subsequently, Bethesda tweeted this morning, and we got a video that shows a brown book(hmm), a passport and a plane ticket followed by the classic Indiana Jones fedora being picked up to reveal a bull-whip. The music intensifies and then all things go black. See the tweet below, then our assessment after that. The logos for the three companies can be seen on the passport, the typewriter and camera respectively and with Bethesda on the cusp of Microsoft ownership, we could be looking at a juggernaut on our hands...if its done right of course.

Important takeaway from this teaser-

The plane ticket is dated October 1937, and by our knowledge of the franchise that means the game could take place between when Indy goes on the hunt for the Ark of The Covenant and when his son "Mutt" aka Henry III(played by Shai Lebouf in Crystal Skull) is born. That leaves an absolute treasure trove(no pun intended, sorry) of possibilities for inter-franchise references and cameos.

Does this mean we're getting a geniune, canon RPG video game that could be voiced by Harrison Ford himself? I'm telling you right now if that's what we get, I will never be heard from again.

This story is developing, stay tuned for more updates!

Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped and has been mistaken for Shia Lebouf twice, but like years ago before Shia became so weird.

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