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Back To The Future x Transformers Collaboration "Sells Out In Seconds", eBay Has Field Day.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

This story is being updated regularly.

UPDATE 1: As of 1:50pm on 7/2, the Wal-Mart link is not working, we will continually update as we keep checking!

UPDATE 2: As of 4:05pm on 7/2, Wal-Mart link still showing "error". UPDATE 3: AS of 1:00pm on 7/3, the link is live but has shown as "sold out" all morning.

It would appear that this is just yet another total botch toy release from Wal-Mart, as at no point did it ever show available, and trust me I refreshed it a disgusting amount of times. Now they're all over ebay for absolutely disgusting amounts of money. LOOK AT THIS.


SAY HELLO TO "GIGAWATT", the special edition Transformer being released to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Back To The Future.

According to, select retailers will be getting the toy on Oct. 1, 2020 but Mashable says there is a pre-order coming to Walmart's website TODAY, July 2nd at 1pm and is limited to 1,985 pieces so you better have your fingers on that mouse if you want them before the fall!


Over the years, there's been countless fan art presentations of what a DeLorean Transformer would look like, most notably we remember Marty McPrime, which was a shirt created by Nathan Davis aka obvian back in 2014. and is still available today! This is utterly classic.

Here are some more pics below, we'll keep our eyes out as they become available!

Paul Brown is Founder of Kulture Popped and a Back To The Future aficionado for collectibles an memorabilia.

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