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Empire Strikes Back Returning To Theaters Nationwide For 40th Anniversary On Sept. 25

Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett In Empire Strikes Back-1980
Image Courtesy: Lucasfilm

Star Wars and Disney put out on their social media that the best(I'm with Dante Hicks) Star Wars film of all-time is returning to theaters starting on Friday, September 25th. No word yet on an end date, but some areas are showing night showings on Thursday, September 24th so be sure to check your zip code!

Empire, released in 1980 celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and even though its available on Disney+, there's something about just going to the theater and having a bit of "normalcy" with a franchise I love, my social distancing pod and fresh theater popcorn.

Is it necessary? Debatable.

Is it needed? VERY MUCH.

Check to see the closest theater for you on the Fandango website here.

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