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The Krypt - Fangoria For Sale, Employees Quit In Wake Of Sexual Misconduct Scandal

The horror news publication has been running since 1979.

The legendary horror news publication Fangoria is looking for a buyer in the wake of a sexual misconduct scandal. The magazine hopes that new ownership will help to continue its successful reboot that began two years ago. The move comes in reaction to an expose from The Daily Beast about Cinestate producer Adam Donaghey's history of sexual misconduct, which includes a 2017 arrest for the rape of a 16-year-old girl.

In more fallout from the scandal, iconic contributors Barbara Crampton and Joe Bob Briggs have quit the publication, and several podcasts have denounced the brand.

"Based on the revelations at Cinestate and their failure to come clean about everything and make it right, I guess I have to resign from both Fangoria and Rebeller," Briggs said on social media. "Sad on several levels, including the end of Fango's miracle comeback and the decline of a TX-based film company."

In addition to his 2017 arrest, an on-going pattern of gross sexual misconduct by Donaghey was widely known, but swept under the carpet by Cinestate founder Dallas Sonnier and producing partner Amanda Presmyk. Over a dozen people allegedly came to Sonnier and Presmyk with accusations against Donaghey, but no action was ever taken. The pair allegedly deny every being informed of any type of misconduct.

The horror news magazine Fangoria was founded in 1979, and revived by Cinestate in 2018 much to the delight of the genre's hardcore fans. Finding a buyer who's willing to do it again may prove challenging in the wake of this awful scandal. Only time will tell if the magazine can avoid a gruesome death, much like the ones in the films they cover.

This story is developing.

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