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Jeremy Bulloch, Original Star Wars Boba Fett Actor Dies at 75. Mandalore Mourns.

Actor Jeremy Bulloch, renowned as the first actor to portray fan favorite Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi has passed away at the age of 75. With over 100 film credits other that anything Star Wars related to his name, he was regular on the convention scene for years and will be remembered as one of the kindest bounty hunters in all of the galaxy who genuinely cared about his fans.

On a personal note, I met Jeremy a few times at conventions growing up, but the last time our paths crossed in 2018 right before he retired from appearances will always be the first that comes to mind. I had been in touch with his wife through email for a couple years prior trying to get the Boba Fett print that I had worked on during my time at Studiohouse Designs for Hero Complex Gallery into his hands.

When they finally let me know he would be close by he and his wife invited me to come out and have him accept the print and also sign my own personal copy in person. Not only did he sign my copy, he then proceeded to grab the other items I had brought along to be signed for my personal collection and sign them too all while refusing the money I had brought to pay for the extra signatures because he was just THAT awesome and appreciative. He was beyond kind and gracious and went out of his way to spend about 10 minutes talking with my 2 kids about their loved for Star Wars, Boba Fett and their badass jean jackets that their mom sewed for them. It was an encounter that neither myself or my children will soon forget.

Rest in piece sir and thank you for everything. Your life was one hell of a big bucket of win! You deserve the finest funeral services and a celebration that rivals that of the greatest Mandalorians.



Kevin Thomas is an illustrator & graphic artist who uses the pseudonym Death Kat Design. He founded Studiohouse Designs & has worked with Fangoria Magazine, AMC Television, the Halloween franchise, Vinegar Syndrome & more!

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