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John Carpenter Cryptically Kinda Sorta Confirms Reboot For The Thing Happening With Blumhouse

Are you like us? You hear the word "reboot" and one of two things happen-

  1. You immediately shudder in horror.

  2. You try to remember the difference between a reboot and a remake so you can post on the internet accordingly about it.

We'll let you take care of the latter before reading on.

Its not our job to explain to you how the world works, ok?


This past Saturday, August 22nd at the 2020 Fantasia "Edition Virtuelle" Film Festival in Montreal, John Carpenter was speaking on live stream about the score for "Halloween Kills", the sequel to the 2018 installment of another Carpenter reboot when he was asked if he had talked with Jason Blum(chief of Blumhouse) about rebooting The Thing.

Carpenter then states there will be a third installment called "Halloween Ends", and the next two movies in the franchise are "stunning" and "the quintessential slasher film, it even stuns me how incredible it is".

Are you keeping up?

Carpenter's response was cryptic.

“I have? I don’t know about that,” Carpenter said. “But we’ve talked about — I think he’s going to be working on ‘The Thing,’ rebooting ‘The Thing.’ I’m involved with that, maybe. Down the road.”

Knowing Carpenter, if he didn't just say "hell no" and scoff it off, you know there's more to it.

You can see Carpenter neither confirm nor deny the sentiment at 27:15 of the video below, but I highly recommend watching its entirety. He refuses to state whether it is a prequel, sequel, or remake.

This story was first reported on and confirmed by Variety.

History Lesson: The original version of "The Thing" is based on a story called "Who Goes There?" in 1938 by John W. Campbell, Jr. It was first put on film in 1951 in a movie titles "The Thing From Another World", and then the classic story we know in 1982, followed by a 2011 prequel which was done without Carpenter's involvement.

Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped and owner of Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC out of Atlantic City, New Jersey

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