From a transatlantic perspective, Invincible is "Bloody Brilliant". Let's Dive-In To An Irish Review

"Bloody" is a great swear word here in the UK. It doesn't get bandied about (used) so much in America and it's a shame because it's up there with my favourites.(you can already see my Irish-ness coming through). If you've ever watched any Guy Ritchie film before, you're familiar with how we use it...but most of us do NOT talk like Brad Pitt in Snatch, I assure you.


Let's go over a little linguistics lesson. I swear it'll be short.



used to express anger, annoyance, or shock or simply for emphasis.

"you took your bloody time"

Similar: blasted, damn, damned, flaming, precious.

But of course it also has the more traditional use.


1. covered, smeared or running with blood.

"his bloody hands"