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WATCH: Over 50 Musicians Cover Goldfinger's "Superman" to Honor Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Launch

56 Musicians Cover "Superman" by Goldfinger to commemorate release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered Videogame
"No horns on this Zoom call, please"

Today is an auspicious occasion for the release of this cover song. The seminole skateboarding video game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater's 1st & 2nd releases have been remastered and is already being referred to as "The ideal mix of nostalgia and modern touches". The game launched today and my timelines are already lit up, really making me wish I hadn't lost my PS4 in my


It's been almost six months of pure nightmare fuel in the world it seems, and just like a masked vigilante swooping in to save the day, in our darkest hour...this happens.

A rotating lineup of 56 musicians from various Ska, Punk and Indie bands called The NPCs have risen from the ashes of our living hell that is 2020 to give us an absolutely AMAZING cover of "Superman", the 1996 smash hit from Los Angeles Ska/Punk legends Goldfinger. The song was insanely popular in its original release, however it reached new heights when it was released as Track 3 on the 1999 video game goliath, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater- aka the game that changed everything for me and my generation of video game lovers.

Here's the direct statement from the band:

When you take a few dozen musicians who are anxiously waiting to get back on stage, give them recording gear and ask them if they want to cover a song they have been listening to since 1996 - it’s really hard to say no!

56 musicians from all around the world (USA, Brazil, England, New Zealand, Australia, etc.) teamed up for a cover of Goldfinger’s hit song “Superman.” With a music video premiering on the same day as Tony Hawk’s newest video game, and including a cameo from the Hawkman himself, this is sure to bring about a spark of nostalgia straight out of our parent’s living rooms!

The NPCs are a collective of musicians from all over the globe, working together on massive cover song collaborations of all genres. Their first release was a 32 person cover of "Fat Lip" by Sum 41 and there are already a handful of projects currently in the works. 

Organized by Josh Hershkovitz of Backyard Superheroes, and mixed and mastered by Len Carmichael of Landmine Studios, here is a full list of the bands and projects that were involved in the making of this massive collaborative cover video!

Back Up Jackson // Backyard Heroes // Backyard Superheroes // Ballyhoo! // Beat Brigade // Big D and the Kids Table // Contraband // Counterpunch // DangIt // DFTBA '' Director - "Pick It Up! Ska in the '90's" // Disposable // Fat Chance // Flying Raccoon Suit // For the Record // Go Big // Housebound Ska Collective // Hub City Stompers // I Can't Even // Joker's Republic // Los Skagaleros // Loveonacid // Nate Funk // New Riot // No Vertebrae // Out Of Control Army // Public Serpents // Short Notice // Ska'd 4 Life // Stop The Presses // Suburban Legends // The Day After The Resignators // The Rusty Monks // The Schwam // The Scotch Bonnets // The Skluttz // Thirteen Towers/The Skluttz // Toybox Brigade // Uptown Sound

I personally love Josh and his band Backyard Superheroes, as well as many of the musicians featured here in this video. Many of whom I've listened to for years and/or booked their acts in Atlantic City, so this just hits home even harder seeing so many great people I know working to bring joy to us aging 90's video game fanatics.

Kulture Popped's own Mikey Wynne is part of the group representing "I Can't Even", he can be seen ripping his shirt off like he does when he's excited at about 2:45 of the video. Oh, Mikey.

Without further adieu, here's the video. Please give these amazing people a like and a comment on the video, its the least they deserve for putting in so much time on this project!

Get on your consoles and get playing! Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped and owner of Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC.

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