"The Ameri-con Dream", an Irishman patiently awaiting his first U.S. convention trip.

The small town I live in on the east of Ireland has the population roughly of a New Jersey Gas Station at 3am on a Sunday morning; I know this because I've seen every Kevin Smith movie 37 times. So It’s no real surprise that my country isn’t really capable of sustaining a Comic-Con on the grand scale of American Conventions.

The first “Convention” I ever went to was called “Heroes & Legends” in 2012. It was held in an exhibition centre in Belfast. I say exhibition centre, it was held in... and I shit you not... The corridor of an exhibition centre. Zero merchandise vendors, a couple of prop displays and if I remember correctly just two local artists.

Michael Biehn (Terminator) was there, Claudia Christian & Patrica Tallman (Babylon 5), Colin Baker (Doctor Who) and about 11 members of the public. It goes without saying this convention wasn't exactly a genre defining moment, but for a relative back water like Belfast we have to give the organizers credit for a pretty decent celebrity guest line up.

Now...bear in mind this was my first ever convention. I had no idea how it worked so I had about £25 ($40 dollars) in my wallet and my poor non-complaining wife went along with me for moral support.

Micheal Biehn as Kyle Reese In Terminator from Orion Pictures

Claudia Christian as Lt. Commander Susan Ivanona Babylon 5 from Warner Bros

Patrica Tallman as Lyta Alexander in Babylon 5 from Warner Bros.

So I wander over to Colin Baker, I’m a Doctor Who Fan and I saw he selling photos so was happy to buy one. He was lovely, signed it for me for £10 and that was O.K.

Colin Baker autograph

I then strolled over to Babylon 5’s Claudia Christian. Now I LOVED