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Kevin Smith to (finally) bring Mooby's to New Jersey w/ September Pop-Up Shop!

Kevin Smith, creator and Generalissimo of The View Askewniverse

"Yeah um, let's see... Give me one udderly delicious Moo-ilk shake, Skinny Calf and a, order of onion rings. Thanks."

Since 2006, I've felt a little betrayed that New Jersey has never had a chance to experience the legendary, yet fictional franchise of Mooby's, featured in Clerks 2, the sequel that everyone wanted to expand on the 1994 cult classic. Well. Los Angeles got one...WHAT THE HECK! NOW I WAS PISSED.

BUT, our hero and king Jersey Guy Kevin Smith has officially announced a New Jersey location of Mooby's coming to the epicenter of the View Askewniverse, RED BANK!

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

"MOOBY IS NOW A JERSEY COW! After an udderly wonderful run in #losangeles, the @moobyspopup is moooooving across the country to my motherland of RED BANK, NEW JERSEY for a mid-September grand opening! Details on which restaurant in town is getting temporarily bovine-sized will be forthcoming - but within a month, East Coasters can get their Cow Tipper on (in Vegan and non-Vegan versions), binge Hater Totz, swallow a Cock-Smoker chicken sandwich and wash it down with a King of the Juice! The fine folks of @jayandsilentbobstash will be operating a satellite store at Mooby’s too, featuring new merch and shirts celebrating Mooby’s Red Bank, 2020. And since I can’t miss the debut of my fake fast food eatery in the real town I was born... I’M COMING HOME to be there when the doors of Mooby’s swing wide (and maybe do a show or two)!

Kevin then goes on to state you can sign up for updates at!

IDK about you guys, but I'm in for one of everything. Should we do live coverage of the event?

Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped and owner of Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC- a web design and marketing agency that focuses on SMB projects and groundbreaking creativity!

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