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NERF Blasters Of All Sizes Discounted Right Now On Amazon, Many With Guaranteed Delivery By X-Mas

If we were putting this in terms of Men In Black weapon sizes, everything from the Noisy Cricket (Rival Knockout XX-100) to the Series IV De-Atomizer (Mega Mega Mastodon), almost every iteration of Nerf Blaster is on-sale right now. The entire Nerf Amazon Store seems to have a good amount of deals.

Here's a clip if you don't get the reference.

I know this is like my second Nerf-Related article but it's a coincidence I swear. Has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a 37 year old manchild with a newborn son whom I want to educate in the ways of foam combat. MINDYABUSINESS.

ANYWHO, there's A LOT of savings to be had if you're shopping with Amazon Prime right now and want some foamtastic fire power. We'll go over some of the highlights below, and in our mission to showcase content creators of all shapes and sizes we will be highlighting some of our favorite product reviews of the blasters in-question.


By means of %-off on Blasters, the Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder (wow, what a name) comes in at about 48% off from $32.49 down to $16.99. It's a rotating 10-Dart Wheel gun, something I've personally never seen before. This is a newer one, check out the video below of Nerf Expert YouTuber Jared Guynes review of the blaster on-site at ToyFair 2020. Purchase here!



By far the item with the most firepower of the items on deep sale is the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon. This blaster was originally released in the Fall of 2016 and has since been discontinued. Up until then it was the largest Nerf had ever made. It needs 6 "D" batteries and boasts a firing range of up to 100ft or 30m if you live anywhere but the good ol' USA.

This blaster is about 42% off right now through Amazon and with it being discontinued for so long, I can’t imagine the supplies will last. Might want to consider just getting a couple for, kids. Yeah kids. They definitely need this kind of fire power. *ahem* Here's a great unboxing and review from NerfBoyProductions on YouTube from back when it was originally released that has nearly 850,000 views! Purchase here!



One word- FORTNITE. Yeah, that's right. The game all you parents complain that your kids have their noses stuck in all day, every day...then they do those weird spastic(but really fun-looking) dances that you try to replicate and throw out your hip. That game. Well, how about finding ways to either get their eyes off the TV and outside? In comes the Fortnite AR-DURRR Burger Motorized Blaster.

Right now the AR-DURRR is 37% off at $31.49 and has garnered over 1,600 ratings with an overall 4.5 on Amazon.

This toy is a take on the AR-L themed with customizable stickers. It has 20 darts with an AR-style clip. We discovered ScottVsBox on YouTube while hunting for reviews, and not only is the video thorough, Scott is a joy to watch. Purchase here



This is if you want to come off like a super-parent, setting your kid up for success(or firey fdefeat if you want to go head-to-head) might be the way to go. GEAR: Coming in at 41% for $14.79 off is the Tactical Vest N-Strike Elite Series set.

This tactical vest comes with 2 dart clips and 12 Elite Darts. OC Nerf on YouTube did a solid overview a few years ago on this. Check it

BLASTER: Now, take that vest above and just put it in your cart. Actually do two- one for you and one for your poor unsuspecting child that will get NERF'd into oblivion come Christmas morning. Pair it with the N-Strike Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster which has also been discontinued and can be snagged for 30% off at $56 each. This was the first Nerf gun to have a camera, which is demonstrated in the video below.

For this review, we're tossing it to happyfamily1004 on YouTube from a little while back for a genuine, fun, "we are kids and we love toys" review. This one is so much fun to watch! Purchase here


Now to be honest, these are just scratching the surface. Amazon has a SLEW of items at discount or great deals in general. I've compiled the organized, filtered list here that's sorted by Prime-only, and by Amazon/Amazon Warehouse deals. There's seriously a lot in there and as I said before, just about all of them are available before Christmas! Happy Hunting, parents and grown adults!

This is not in any way a sponsored or endorsed article by Nerf or Amazon. We just really love toys.

Paul Brown is the founder of Kulture Popped, grown man-child and holds the Guinness World Record for most laser tag games lost in a lifetime.

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