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WWE Hall Of Famer Joseph "Animal" Laurinitis Has Passed Away At The Age Of 60

It has been confirmed throughout the wrestling world that we have lost yet another legend from the Golden Age of wrestling. Joe "Animal" Laurinitis(right) has passed away at the age of 60.

Social media posts began flooding feeds roughly an hour or two ago from his locker room roster family and fans alike with Hulk Hogan starting the tidal wave of support.

Cause of death is not being confirmed at this time as we await a statement from WWE.

Joe was one-half of arguably the most memorable tag team of all-time, The Road Warriors aka The Legion Of Doom. Joe is predeceased by his tag tam partner Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand who passed away in 2003.

The duo, known for their impressive physiques, trademark spiked shoulder pads and agile finisher "The Doomsday Device" began their incredible run in 1983 with a stint at Georgia Championship Wrestling. The team quickly rose to the top and went on to compete in every major promotion there was, from the AWA to AJPW, WCW, WWE and NJPW up until their last appearance on May 12, 2003 for an episode of Monday Night Raw where they faced the tag team champions Rob Van Dam & Kane.

As an 80's baby, this is a devastating blow to the stable I grew up with and I'm heartbroken to hear of the loss of another legend from my childhood.

Hawk and Animal, reunited at last for one more ride in the sky. "WWWWHAAAATTTT A RUSH"

Paul Brown is the found of Kulture Popped and avid pop culture aficionado.

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