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Joe Sinnott, Legendary Marvel Comics Artist and "Inker Of The Greats" passes away at 93.

Best-known for his 16+yr stint on Fantastic Four from 1965 to 1981, Sinnott was a master at inking over the lines of Jack Kirby, giving depth and perspective to The King's lines.

Sinnot's first collab with Kirby was on "Doom Under the Deep" in Atlas'Battle#69 (April 1960), a war comic story that was very popular at the time. A quote from Stan Lee in the 2000's is recorded as "Pencilers used to hurl all sorts of dire threats at me if I didn't make certain that Joe, and only Joe, inked their pages. I knew I couldn't satisfy everyone and I had to save the very most important strips for him. To most pencilers, having Joe Sinnott ink their artwork was tantamount to grabbing the brass ring."

His passing was announced by his grandson Dorian J. Sinnott on Twitter.

Mr. Sinnott retired in March 2019 with an announcement on his Facebook page, after 69yrs of creating amazing visuals over the comic world's most iconic pencilers.

Just...just look at this. The art for the 1975 Marvel Convention by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott. LEGENDARY.

Paul Brown is Founder of Kulture Popped and an avid comics/toys/collectibles aficionado. His favorite comics are Marvel from Silver Age to Early Copper Age. He is also owner/founder of Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC- an Atlantic City-based Web Design and Marketing Agency

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